1. Open up the Google Slideshow and go to the slide you want to add a video too.
  2. Click on the Insert tab then select Video.
  3. A small screen with three options will appear. The first and second use Youtube only.
  4. The first is Search, type in the video you want from Youtube, click on the video and click on the Select button.
  5. This will insert your video into your selected slide. Move it to your desired spot.
  6. The second is by copying and pasting the Youtube URL. Once you’re done click on the Select button. Step 5 is the same with this option.
  7. Adding non-Youtube videos is just as easy. First, upload your video to Google Drive.
  8. Return to your Google Slide and repeat step 1 & 2. This time you will click on Google Drive.
  9. Select which video from your Google Drive that you want to insert into your slideshow and click on the Select button when you’re done.
  10. Move it where you would like it on the slide, same as step 5.
  11. When presenting simply click on the video when you reach that slide and it will play.