Within your own WordPress website, you are an Admin and you can add users to your website. Each type of user has different levels of access to certain aspects of your site. Admins can change any Users access at any point. The following are all the user options that are available.

  • Administrator – nothing is off limits, you are automatically an Admin of a website you created. There can be multiple Admins on the same site.
  • Editor – has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links. They can not make changes to the overall appearance of your site.
  • Author – can write, upload photos, edit, and publish their own posts. They cannot create pages or edit other people’s posts.
  • Contributor – has no publishing or uploading capability, but can write and edit their own posts until they are published. When one of their posts is ready to be published or has been revised, the Administrator needs to be notified personally by the Contributor to review it and publish it for them.
  • Follower (public sites) – can read and comment on posts and pages. They can only make comments if the publisher enabled them. Followers are simply people who have signed up to receive updates each time you publish a new post. If your blog is public, anyone can follow it, but you can also send out invitations to specific people you’d like to share your blog with.
  • Subscriber (private sites only) – can read and comment on posts and pages. They can only make comments if they are enabled.  Subscribers must always be specifically invited to be able to access your site.