1. When sharing documents in Google Docs, where others have the ability to edit, they edit the original in real time. When you want to make sure everyone is using a separate version they need to save a separate copy.
    A Google Document with text in it
  2. Once the recipient opens the document they’ll want to go to File and click on Make a copy.
    The File tab is circled and the sub tab option make a copy is circled
  3. This will create a copy of the original to your Google Drive. It’ll ask you to rename it and it gives you two options below to share your copy with everyone who can see the original and/or copy the edits and suggestions that are on the original. When you’re done click OK.
    Make a copy small window circled
  4. Immediately after you click OK, a new tab will load with the copy that you created. Whatever you edit and change on this version will not affect the original.
    New tab opened with the google document copy
  5. You can do this for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.