1. Once you’ve shared your form and people begin to fill them out, you can start looking and comparing their responses. You’ll receive an email that will look like this.
    Email from Google Forms about a response to your form
  2. You can view all the responses to your form in the response tab.
    Your Google Form with the tab Responses Circled on the top of the form
  3. You will see three ways to view the responses of your quiz. The first will be a Summary, which will look like this, to see the general response of everyone.
    Summary view selected on the top of the response page
  4. The next is Question which will allow you to see the answers to each specific question in your form.
    Question view selected on the top of the response page
  5. The last tab is Individual. This allows you to see the responses from a specific person. This is also the way to grade your students if you created your form to be a quiz.
    Individual view selected on the top of the response page
  6. You can also view the responses in Google Sheets. This will create a Google Sheet with all the information that the form took. Click on this icon to view it.
    Small green Google Spreadsheet icon located on the top right circled
  7. Your sheets will be saved and will look similar to the following. This will have all of the information from above just in a new format.
    Google sheet with form response information organized