1. You can grade assignments on each individual’s students page. Like on the previous “Your Students in Google Classroom post”, go to the People tab and select what student to grade.
    Google Classroom, The People's Tab on a Google Class is opened with list of students and Teachers
  2. You’ll be brought to that student’s page and see what assignments they have completed. See what assignments/questions they submitted and select one and click View Details.
    Student Kiersten Greene's page, Filter options on the left, circled and an assignment "What is the powerhouse of the cell" underlined
    Assignment "What is the powerhouse of the cell" drop down with that students answers, View Details underneath is circled
  3. The other approach in reaching an assignment to grade is by clicking on the question/assignment on the Classwork Page.  Click on the assignment you want to grade/view and select View Question.Google Classroom, Classwork Tab on a Google Class, Assignment "What is the powerhouse of he cell?", circled.Assignment "What is the powerhouse of the cell?" drop down with answers and View Question option circled on the bottom
  4. You’ll be brought to this page to select the student you want to grade.  Select your student from the list on the left to see there work and grade it.
    Assignment page where question in located on the right and students are listed on the left, Student Kiersten Green is circled
  5. You’ll be brought to that questions grading page where you can see their submitted response, reply to it and grade it. You can decide to grade it or make it an ungraded assignment by selecting the small arrow.
    Assignment page, section to change grading points, currently out of 5, and drop down option ungraded, circled
  6. Grade the assignment by selecting the number by the student’s name then type in their grade. It’ll appear as so:
    Assignment page, Student on the left Kiersten Greene being graded on the right of their name, 5/5 circled
  7. Once you’re satisfied, go to the top left corner and click on Return, and send their grade to them.
    Assignment page, above the student list the button Return, circled
  8. This small pop up will appear asking if you want to return the graded assignment to the student, the student will be notified that the assignment has been returned and graded. If you have any personal notes you would like to privately send to the student, you may do it here. Select return when you are done.
    Small window over Assignment page, titled Update 1 Grade?, the student will be notified that their grade has been changed, following with that students name and grade. Option Cancel and Return on the bottom