1. Once you have your photos, videos and/or audio on the Timeline. We can start to edit the movie.
    iMovie with a video already loaded in my media section, top left, and on the timeline bottom.
  2. Everything placed on the Timeline is called a clip. Each clip can be moved by clicking and dragging to your ideal location each line on the Timeline is called a track.
    Timeline on the bottom, Each video that has a continuous start and stop point is a clip and each row is a track,
  3. Within the Timeline there can be multiple tracks, however, there is the Main track that is marked by these black bars.
    Main track is the original track you start on, two black bars seen on the timeline
  4. If any video, photo, or audio clip overlaps a clip in the Main track it will be attached to that Main clip, seen by these small links here.
    Clip link seen connecting two tracks
  5. This means that if you move a Main clip that other clips are attached to, they will all move together.
    example of moving a main clip, clip on the main track up and down while the other track follows