1. Before we start producing let’s talk about saving real quick. Your iMovie saves automatically and will be listed in the Projects Section.
    iMovie Project tab, circled. Movie listed on the left with thumbnail preview, circled.
  2. Now let’s talk about producing your video. First go back to your project by selecting it in the Projects section.
    Cities movie listed on the left with thumbnail preview, circled.
  3. To render the final content and obtain the final video go to the share button in the top right corner. You can choose whether to render or upload your movie online, on a social website or onto your Mac.
    Cities iMovie opened, top right corner Share button, circled
  4. We’ll be saving it to our Mac by pressing the File option.
    Cities iMovie opened, Share button options, on the top right corner, Theater, Email, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CNN Report, Image, File. Circled
  5. In this new window called File choose the resolution, quality, and settings. Then click on Next.
    Share File small window, details listed Description, Tags, Format, Resolution, Quality, and Compress. Circled
  6. A smaller window will appear where you can choose the file’s name and destination. When you finish click the save button and the video rendering will start immediately. Do not be alarmed that a rendering screen doesn’t appear there will not be one.
    Share file small window, two input spots include Save as and Where, circled. cancel or save button on the bottom
  7. To check on your movie rendering status/progress click on this button next to the share button.
    Exporting icon appears Near the Share icon to the left, updates on current processing listed underneath
  8. When it’s done this message will appear.
    Below exporting icon, pop up Share successful when complete, top right circled