iMovie is a video editing software that can be used on an Apple computer. With iMovie, you can view, edit, and share movies on your Mac.

  1. To start, open up the iMovie from your applications, it’ll look like this.
    iMovie icon in a list of applications, circled
  2. When iMovie opens you’ll immediately be in the Projects section. There are three sections which are located at the top of the screen: Media, Projects, and Theatre.
    iMovie opens to Projects tab, top tabs labeled Media, Projects, and Theater, circled
  3. The Media section is where you’ll import your pictures, videos, and audio files for the video project. Right-click on the empty space below iMovie Library to add a new library folder for your new project, name it whatever you’d like.
    Media tab, Right-click options, circled, New Event highlighted
  4. Next, once you have a new library folder you’ll want to drag and drop your files into it from Finder.
    Finder open with video files, circled. Import media icon located to the right of the libraries
  5. Once you’ve imported your files return to the Projects section and click on Create New.
    Projects tab, Create a new movie or trailer icon located on the top left, circled
  6. This small window will appear giving two options for a new project. You’ll want to click Movie.
    Create a movie or trailer sub tab Movie or Trailer, circled top left
  7. A new screen will appear allowing you to select your theme for the Movie, we’ll be selecting No Theme.
    Themes small window, variety of themes listed including no theme, bright, bulletin board, news, etc.
  8. After you’ve selected your theme a new iMovie workspace will appear. It’s divided into three parts: Panels, the Video Preview, and the Timeline.
    New Project opened with three sections Panels( top left), Video Preview (top right), and Timeline (bottom)
  9. In Panels, drag and drop your media files from your library, while under the My Media tab, to the Timeline below.
    Panels section, New Project Media library, underlined. Video clips in media library circled, with an arrow pointing down to the timeline
  10. You can also click on the Audio tab to browse from your own tracks from iTunes, GarageBand, and Sound Effects.
    Panels section, Audio tab circled.
  11. Place all your files in the order you want and in our next blog post will be going over Editing.