1. Before you make a comment on a document, decide what part of the document you want to comment on. Once you find it highlight it with your cursor.
    Google Document the word Docs is highlighted in a sentence, underlined.
  2. Then click on the Comments tab, on the top right, and select comment to add a new comment or press on the small comment button to the right.
    Comments button on the top right, sub tab Comment, circled. Comment icon next to the document, circled.
  3. A new comment box will appear to the right of the document.
    Comment box to the right of the document, with name of commenter. circled
  4.  Write your comment in the text box. The comment will highlight the section you’re writing about in yellow.Word "Docs" is highlighted, Comment in the comment box explaining write what you wanna say and Comment button on comment box, circled
  5. Once you’re done press comment and it’ll save your comment to the document. People can even reply to the comment if you’ve shared the document.
    Published comment located to the right of the document, circled.
  6. Replying to a comment is very similar to writing a comment. If you’re replying to someone else’s comment click on the comment box and a reply box will appear underneath the original comment.
    write a Reply comment on the comment box and Resolve button located on the top right of the comment box. Circled
  7. Write your reply in the comment box and click Reply when you’re done to save it.
    Comment written is reply box and reply button below it circled.
  8. If you want to edit or delete your comment, select the three vertical dots on the right of your comment. It gives you a few options, edit and delete are two of these.
    Three vertical dots on top right of comment box, circled. Sub tab options edit, delete, and link to this comment.
  9. If the issue/discussion has come to a conclusion, but you’d like to save it to look back on, press on the Resolve button by the comment.
    Resolve button, Mark as resolve and hide discussion, circled.
  10. You can see all resolved and visible comments by pressing the Comments tab.
    History of all comments for the document under Comment button at the top right corner, circled