COMMUNITY – Interview and Photography Book by ARS 331 class

Please access the Book PDF at this link

From the Introduction:

In this time of intense change and loss, community has become sorely missed and ever important. This book was created by the Fall 2021 ARS 331 Photo Books and Installations class at SUNY New Paltz. It is not, however, our book. It belongs to those interviewed and photographed, who were kind enough to share their stories. We sought to explore some of the more formalized communities within the SUNY New Paltz campus to discover how they have impacted the people who are a part of them. Specifically, we wanted to listen to and give a voice to underrepresented groups. Through this interview and portrait book, we hope to make these often invisible stories seen. 

Jacqueline Zamora – interview by Bianca Cabrera
Jahed Miah – interview by Viktoriya Uliyanova
Salam El Banna – interview by Marisa Lucchese
Jennifer Levine – interview by Ariel Cooper
Isabella Rios – interview by Jeremy McEvoy
Zoey Fery – interview by Seth Jones
Jayson Salim – interview by Wesley Francis
Tessa Fryer – interview by Patrick Hopkins
Javay Fraser – interview by Nicholas Brown
Jennifer Poroye – interview by Katherine Edelen 

Please access the Book PDF at this link

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