Listening Session with Nicolas Borelli

Interview by Tanya Lindh, Junior, Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology
with Nicolas Borelli (Undecided, Freshman year)
Fall 2021

When did you first begin your college search process?

I started last year, so my senior year of high-school, the very beginning of it. I just graduated from Syosset high school in Long Island.

Are you a commuter?

I currently live on campus.

What support were you given in selecting your college?

I had my mother, she has been through the process a while ago, and also my brother helped as he recently did his process, and my half sister was helpful.

How did you choose Suny Newpaltz?

It was the most friendly Undecided program, because I am undecided so it worked out well.

Did you consider financial aid or loans?

The cost was definitely a factor and with this being a Suny school it was more affordable.

What challenges did you confront when deciding to enroll at Newpaltz?

I didn’t have any challenges.  Sometimes technology can be a little wonkey but otherwise no challenge.

What if anything would you change about your college search process?

I think I may have looked more into degrees that have interest me. Certain colleges had weird little degrees that I never herd of but did sound kinda of interesting. So I probably would have done more research.

Why is attending college important to you?

The best way to be sure I get good job seems to be to get my degree first.

What goals do you have for yourself that you believe attending college will help you meet?

It will help me to get a food career, and my goal as a student is to pass and not fail.

What struggles do you anticipate having while being an undergraduate student?

Learning how to adjust with the transition from high-school to college and the expectations of the teachers.

Do you feel like your adjusting well in your dorm and doing life on your own at the moment?

Yes, for now although I haven’t tried to do laundry yet so that will be fun.

I know your undecided about your major, but if you were to pick a couple things that spike your interest what would they be?

One thing that interested me was a degree in Sociology with a focus on criminology, the other one would probably be a science field.

Is there anything else you would like to talk about related to this topic?

I don’t think so, I think that’s everything.

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