DMJ Dept. Shares Statement on Netiquette 

Dear students,  

We are looking forward to working with you this semester.  Our industry is changing.  Radio, television, film, online media, and journalism are still being produced and/or broadcast, but with the challenges of the pandemic, the landscape of media careers has shifted.  We are keeping a close eye on industry standards and expectations. Technological advances are being made daily. Many of these changes will be here to stay even beyond the pandemic.   Continue reading

Stay Connected During Tough Times With The Little Rebellion

The Little Rebellion is continuing their publishing during this time. They are committed to not only keeping readers informed on the coronavirus, but also to giving their readers a break from the news and publishing student-submitted content. They are here to give students a voice in this uncertain time, and are open to submissions of all kinds.

Read their full message here.

To submit any work, email The Little Rebellion at