Student Documentary Film Earns Honors at BEA Festival

Congratulations to our students for their Award of Excellence at the Broadcast Education Association International Festival of Media Arts: Erin Wolcott, Conner Sweeney, George Catechis & Jillian Pugliese, SUNY New Paltz (all Digital Media Production majors, class of 2020).  Their Documentary short film, Ben (Not the Fish), earned this highly competitive prize during one of the most unusual years in our world’s history.

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Students Have FREE Access to Hunter Mountain Film Festival

The 2020 International Hunter Mountain Film Festival runs from Oct. 23 to 25, and New Paltz DMJ students can get free access to all their program offerings.

To get free access to their content, visit and click on the “$5 to order now link.” Enter the code HMFF2020 to gain immediate FREE access to all of their content. (Please do not share this code, it is only for SUNY New Paltz DMJ and COMM students.)
If you’re interested in this festival, consider submitting a project for it next year — they’re hoping to get more students involved.
Here’s their Instagram accounts if you’d like to give them a follow: @rollthecredits_podcast and @huntermtnfilmfest as well.