Need Upper-Division Electives? DMJ Has Lots to Offer!

When you look at your progress report and see you need upper-division electives (300- or 400-level classes), you may wonder where to find these.
Here’s a list of regular electives the Digital Media and Journalism offers, and the frequency we offer them. Note that new courses are featured every once in awhile, so please view the FULL DMJ Schedule of Classes

  • Photojournalism ​
  • Podcasting​
  • Media Ethics​
  • Animation & Digital Effects (Fall only; TV Studio is prerequisite)​
  • Feature Writing (Fall only)​
  • Arts Writing (Fall only)​
  • Milestones in Documentary (Fall only)​
  • Screenwriting (Spring only)​
  • Reel Women: Women in Film  (Spring only)​
  • 90 Minutes to Die: Film Noir  (Spring only)​
  • History of American Television  (Spring; sometimes Summer)​
  • Mass Media Law   (Spring only)​
  • Picture Culture (Writing Intensive)​ (Spring only)​
  • Media & Popular Culture (Writing Intensive)​
  • Media Criticism & Aesthetics (Writing Intensive)​