NYPIRG Internship Opportunity for Spring 2022

For more than forty years, the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has offered unique internship programs that provide college students with experiential learning and civic engagement opportunities.  As we persevere through the pandemic, NYPIRG remains committed to providing students with exceptional experiences that augment their classroom education by offering a remote NYPIRG Public Policy Internship.

The Public Policy Internship provides highly motivated students of all majors the opportunity to thoroughly study a particular public policy issue by pairing them with an experienced public policy mentor.  Program interns will gain an intimate understanding of legislative processes and practical experiences in such areas as public speaking, writing, research and working with the media—excellent additional preparation for graduate studies and the job market.

Public Policy interns research, track and promote legislation in such diverse areas of public policy as consumer protection, public campaign finance, higher education, health care, political reform and environmental preservation; network with student leaders; and organize policy briefings with legislators.   

Interns will commit to 16 hours per week, receive a stipend, and work remotely.  Interns will be responsible for securing course credit for the program.  The program begins in early January of 2022 and continues until the end of the academic semester.  Applicants must submit applications by the deadline, Friday, December 3rd. To apply visit NYPIRGstudents.org/Internships/