Fall 2021 Equipment Borrowing Sign In and Out Schedule

Equipment borrowing for the Fall 2021 semester has begun and concludes on Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Equipment borrowed must be returned at the designated time and day. Signing in and signing out equipment is by reservation only. 

The booking link is: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/DepartmentofDigitalMediaandJournalismSUNYNewPaltz@sunynp.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/ *To access this site, you must use your New Paltz ID. Use the same username and passcode used when logging into campus computers. If prompted for an email address, use your New Paltz ID@newpaltz.edu and passcode.*


  1. All equipment signed out must be returned by 12:00 PM on the third academic day.
  2. Whoever signs out department equipment is responsible for its return, and ought to be the one returning it.
  3. If equipment is not returned on time, the student and the student’s professor will be emailed about the lateness.
  4. After reasonable attempts to recover late equipment have failed, the student’s borrowing privileges will be suspended commensurate with the lateness.
  5. If even after the suspension, the student fails to return overdue equipment, an Academic Hold will be placed on the student’s account.


An Academic Hold means the student cannot register for classes and will not receive their grades until the hold is released.

There is also a late fee system in place. The late fee is $2 per day per item until the equipment is returned. Lost/Damaged equipment may result in up to $800 in fines. The late fee system is a hold on your academic account.

  1. Do not borrow department equipment for personal endeavors unless cleared by a Media Production faculty member.
  2. Signing out of department equipment is restricted to Media Production students and is limited to the particular course the student is enrolled in.
  3. Media Production students: Do not borrow department equipment with the intent of “lending” the equipment to non-Media Production majors.
  4. Students in journalism classes may borrow equipment from the “Ottaway” pool that relates to the course they’re enrolled in.
  5. Digital Storytelling students are permitted to sign out both the Zoom H1 handy recorder and the Ottaway dSLRs, but only for their class assignments.
  6. Students are not permitted to have guests in the editing suites. There have been cases where “guests” have stolen department equipment. Students will be held liable in such cases.
  7. Do not prop editing suite doors open; these must remain locked at all times as these are areas monitored by both Card Access and University Police.
  8. Eating and drinking is prohibited in both the editing suites and classrooms. 
  9. Do not clean camera lenses with Windex and paper towel. Use a clean Microfiber cloth.
  10. If equipment is broken, lost or stolen, please report the problem as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Preventative Measures

  1. Students cannot simply stop by and borrow equipment. Students must use the booking application used by Digital Media and Journalism to reserve equipment.
  2. Once the student specifies what equipment is needed for which class they are enrolled in, they will be given a few pick up times to choose from.
  3. If the student misses the pick-up time, they will have to reschedule. The equipment requested will be set aside for a short time. If the student cannot make the new pick up time, then the student will have to reserve the equipment again.
  4. When you sign out the equipment, you will be given a return time and date. Equipment must be returned by that time and date.
  5. Wait outside CSB025, and call ext. 3683 to let our student workers know you are here for pick up/ drop off. Do not enter CSB025 until prompted to do so. When waiting outside CSB025, queue up along the wall maintaining a six foot distance between yourself and the others waiting on line. Do not block the door ways to the classrooms.
  6. When you enter CSB025, there will be a staging area for pickups and returns. You will be asked for your Banner number, and your Banner will be used for the rest of the process. Under no circumstances are you to cross the boundary between pickup/drop off area and the student sign out worker area.
  7. Explicit instructions on how to use the booking app used by the department will be provided for students by the end of first week of classes.
  8. At the start of the semester, students will be required to submit a digital information card. Information to be included are the student’s name, the student’s email, the student’s on campus phone number, the student’s class, the student’s professor, and a digital signature to prove you have both read and agreed to the department’s terms.
  9. Use of CSB025 for editing purposes will be available after our sign out session ends at 4:45 pm, Monday- Friday and on the weekends. Please use the sanitation products on hand before and after your editing session.