Deadline to Find and be Registered for a Fall Internship is Aug. 23!

Attention students who have already been approved to earn internship credits: If you intend to intern this semester, you must find a placement and get it approved by Monday, August 23, in order to earn credits for your internship. 

Once you’ve gotten a placement, and have it approved by Internship Director Nancy Heiz, go back to the “Congrats” email we sent you — it has a link to a registration form that you must fill out in order to be registered for the internship credits. It also has an attached Internship Agreement Form you’ll need to submit once your supervisor and you fill it out. 

We understand the internship and job environment are challenging now but opportunities do exist. Many students have are currently interning remotely. If you are unable to get your internship approved by the first day of the Fall semester, it’s possible you may need to wait until Spring semester to intern.

Don’t have an internship yet? We post internship opportunities on our department’s blog and Instagram:

Speak to Prof. James Gormley ( about the Legislative Gazette (see this story:

Please also check Handshake, accessed through your account. Also, look through the prior placement list:

Other than that, and are good sources.