ATTENTION Media Majors Wishing to Take BUS325 Marketing: Enforced Math Placement Level 4 and Limited Choice

Attention Media Management Majors:
There are two important changes you need to know about:
  1. The School of Business is enforcing MPL of 4 for BUS325 Marketing
  2. DMJ350 Media Research Methods will be taught in Fall 2021 but NOT Spring 2022.
Please plan out your remaining course work with your major advisor.
Here are more details:

The School of Business is enforcing its math placement level (MPL) of 4 for BUS325 Marketing and they control enrollment. If you do not have a MPL of 4, you have two options. You can do coursework to raise your MPL to a 4, or you can take an equivalent class for BUS325 at another university.
  • To take the correct math course(s), talk with the Academic Advising Center for all GE and Math Placement Level questions:
  • To see what courses from other schools have already been accepted as an equivalent for BUS325 Marketing, visit our equivalency database. If you do not see the school/course you wish to take as an equivalent for BUS325, you must submit the syllabus for that course to be approved by the School of Business (

For those students who have not completed BUS325 Marketing, which is a prerequisite for Media Research Methods, the department will allow you to take both of them together. **The School of Business tightly controls the enrollment of BUS325, only allowing a certain number of DMM majors per section. Please complete this form to request permission to take BUS325; please be prepared to have a back-up option in case they deny your request.

DMJ350 Media Research Methods is offered just once per year, in the FALL ONLY, rather than every semester.