DMJ Dept. Shares Statement on Netiquette 

Dear students,  

We are looking forward to working with you this semester.  Our industry is changing.  Radio, television, film, online media, and journalism are still being produced and/or broadcast, but with the challenges of the pandemic, the landscape of media careers has shifted.  We are keeping a close eye on industry standards and expectations. Technological advances are being made daily. Many of these changes will be here to stay even beyond the pandemic.  

As we move to keep industry expectations intact, all of us need a gentle reminder that these standards need to be practiced even during a pandemic and a largely online environment. We would like to share Netiquette expectations that will translate to your careers after graduation.  

These protocols will be encouraged in each class in the department. If you have questions or challenges regarding the requests, you should speak directly to your instructor and/or the department chair.  

  • Please find a quiet place to set up for the class session  
  • Cameras on unless there is a momentary disruption 
  • Make sure a light is on so we can see you and have better interaction. 
  • Students must be dressed appropriately, just as you would be in an onsite class 
  • Students should not be driving while they are attending class 
  • Students should not be working while they are attending class 
  • Students should not be lying in bed/a futon/a couch while in class 
  • Everyone will stay muted when they are not speaking  
  • Students are encouraged to use the chat function to communicate with each other and participate in class discussions  
  • Students must be fully engaged during the class session and breakout groups  
  • If there is a technological emergency, students should be patient and log on again if the session gets disrupted  

These guidelines are all in keeping with professional practices and expectations. 

If you are struggling with technical issues or online learning challenges, we are here to support you. You can learn more about the remote learning resources available to all students here:

Netiquette Statement