You Must Have Internship Placement Approved Before You Intern, Not After!

There is no retroactive credit for internships. This means that you cannot complete an internship and then seek credit for it afterwards. You must have your internship placement approved before you complete that internship, otherwise it will not count for credits.


First, registration for internship credits is just like registration for a class: there’s an add/drop period and no changes can be made after that period.

Next, our Internship Coordinator must have oversight over every internship our students complete in order to ensure that students are getting a valuable learning experience that is in line with the major requirements and to facilitate any problems that may arise in an internship. This is SUNY policy.

Also, before you complete an internship that will count for credit towards your SUNY New Paltz degree, you must be approved to represent our department and our university in the work world. Without this prior “certification,” we would have no idea if you were prepared to represent our department or the university to an outside company. The certification process is outlined below. All our majors signed an “Internship Policy Acknowledgement Form” when they declared their DMJ or Comm Studies major.

There are also certain steps that must be taken during your internship, including participating in the 1-credit online internship seminar and securing a mid-semester evaluation from your supervisor. That is why it is necessary to follow all department internship procedures before you start your internship.

**Remember, even BEFORE you look for an internship placement, you must get certified eligible by having:

60 total credits
30 credits at New Paltz
18 credits in your major
2.5 GPA

Look on Blackboard > Communities > Spring21_Comm&DMJStudents for the Internship folder, where you’ll find the application and TurnItIn links to upload your 1-page resume and progress report.