Pass/Fail Options for Spring 2020 Courses

Is the College offering any additional Pass/Fail options for the spring 2020 semester?

Yes. The College will allow students to opt in to a special Pass (P) grade option for spring 2020 courses.

Unlike the standard S/U option, this semester’s courses for which a student has earned a P grade will satisfy degree and/or major requirements in the same manner as letter-graded courses. Students will be able to apply P grades to letter-graded courses only when they have earned a D grade or higher. There may be additional restrictions for accredited programs.

Students will be able to choose this new Pass grade option after final grades are turned in, beginning May 21, and the opt-in period will continue through Oct. 16. We encourage students to discuss this option with their advisors after their spring semester courses are graded. The method for requesting the P grade will be developed and communicated before the end of the semester.

**FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: “Should I opt for an S/U now or wait and take the P later?”

There is still time to select the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option (S/U Deadline is May 9). S is for grades C- or better and doesn’t count toward any requirements like GE, major, minor or WI. S will give you the credit without the grade. U is unsatisfactory so no credit is earned.

This semester’s P option is for grades D or better and counts toward college-wide and major requirements

Neither impacts GPA

Both S and P credits count toward graduation

If you opt to wait until the end of the  semester and hope for a P, you had better get a D or better or else you will be stuck with a D- or  F on your transcript which will impact your GPA. If you are seriously failing a required course, you should consider taking the S/U and plan to re-take the course. That way, your GPA won’t be affected. **Either way, it’s best to speak with your advisor.

The campus’ Coronovirus FAQ page is a good place to start as a resource.