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Submit your Fall 2021 DASH Lab internship applications by April 9, 2021. See below for complete details.

DASH Lab interns are an important part of our campus community. Interns develop &  give trainings on various digital software and tools. They work with DASH Board members on digital scholarship and creative projects. And they staff the DASH Lab during our open office hours, providing assistance to student, faculty & staff on their academic and creative digital projects.

Given the impact of the Covid-19 impact to our campus and library operations. The DASH Lab will function in an all-virtual format throughout the 2020-21 academic year.
All intern applicants will be working remotely during the 2020-21 academic year. We hope to be back to an in-person operation in the Fall of 2021.

You can earn between 3-6 Internship credits!

Read the SUNY New Paltz College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Newsletter article featuring our DASH Lab interns!

Questions? email

To apply for an internship at the DASH Lab, please email us a cover letter explaining your interest in the internship. Let us know about your relevant strengths (what you have to offer) as well as what you hope to get out of the experience. In addition, please send us your  current resume. In addition, we ask for a brief letter of reference to support your application. It can be from a faculty member, prior employer, a university club mentor, or advisor. Please provide them with the URL for this webpage so that they can become familiar with our program, if they aren’t already. And ask them to send us a letter commenting on your strengths and suitability for a DASH Lab internship position.

All materials can be sent to: (Subject line: YOUR NAME Internship Application, Fall2021)
Recommendations subject line: YOUR NAME recommendation

DASH Lab Intern Alumni

2020-2021 Interns

Olayinka Daramola

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production

Olayinka K. Daramola majored in Digital Media Production. She has produced various documentaries and narrative style videos throughout her college experience. During her internship, Olayinka helped to produce tutorials for video editing softwares such as Adobe Premiere.

Lara Morales

Undergraduate, Journalism and Digital Media Management

Lara Morales majored in Journalism and Digital Media Management. She has previously interned at the Legislative Gazette, where she reported on New York State politics. Lara is very excited to work at the DASH Lab to expand her knowledge on certain softwares, and relay that information to others. During her internship, she ran the DASH Lab’s social media to spread awareness about the decennial Census and how to get registered to vote.

2019-2020 Interns

Hollie Burton

Undergraduate, Geography

Hollie Burton is a Geography major with an Environmental concentration. The social science aspect along with the processes involved in creating a map are what attracted her to her major. She enjoys being outside and drinking coffee. As a DASH Lab intern staff Holly enjoyed being able to share what she knows as well as learn from others.

Jax Diaz

Undergraduate, Visual Arts

Jax is a freshman Visual Arts major and freelance artist. She became skilled in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator in high school and went on to design graphics for a few local businesses. She hopes to share her knowledge with others here at the DASH lab, and maybe make a few friends along the way!

Kevin Flores

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production (Spanish Minor)

Noah Gomez

Undergraduate, 2019, Digital Media Production (Communications, Film & Video Studies minors)

Noah Gomez (Class of 2019) was a major in Digital Media Production with minors in Communication and Film and Video Studies. He loves being able to create things and tell stories, and digital media is a great medium for both of these things. Through his work at the DASH Lab he was able to share his passion with others.

Kayla Jones

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production & Theatre Arts

Kayla Jones is a junior at SUNY New Paltz with a double major in Digital Media Production and Theatre Arts. Her last internship took place at The Theater Center in Midtown Manhattan as a marketing and social media intern for their many productions. Her favorite project during this experience was creating an updated promotional video for the longest running off-broadway show, Perfect Crime. Kayla’s favorite aspects of creating digital video is directing and editing. She also can be seen directing theatrical productions around campus. Kayla is incredibly excited to join the DASH Lab team to expand her knowledge of various digital programs as well as be able to educate others in the community.

Joseph Juste

Undergraduate, Journalism

Nicholas Keller

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production, Creative Writing (minor)

Nicholas is a senior Digital Media Production majors with a passion for cartoons and writing. Nicholas runs several Youtube channels that revolve around video games.

John Kiessel

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production (Art Studio minor)

John Kiessel is a Digital Media Production major with a minor in Art Studio. He enjoys working as a team to develop and tell a story.

Anthony Lebron

Undergraduate, Journalism

Anthony is a senior at SUNY New Paltz and is majoring in Journalism. He joined the DASH Labs to learn various digital software and tools along with further developing his interpersonal communication skills.

Jillian Pugliese

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production

Jillian Pugliese is a Digital Media Production major. She has interned with the campus organization Democracy Matters, where she helped to maintain their social media accounts as well as plan events. She is skilled in Adobe Premiere and Audacity. Jillian joined the DASH Lab to further develop her skills in these programs and learn new ones.

Marisa Rupolo

Undergraduate, 2019, Public Relations (Film and Video Studies minor)

Marisa Rupolo majored in Public Relations and minored in Film and Video Studies. Marisa’s passion for photography and videography coupled with her love for storytelling helped her to use her knowledge and creativity to educate and also learn from her peers in the DASH Lab. Marisa collaborated with her peers through the use of digital media to create a meaningful and lasting impact. Marisa joined the DASH Lab to sharpen and expand her software skills through fostering a welcoming learning environment.

Lee Salisbury

Undergraduate, Geography

Lee Salisbury is a  Geography major with a concentration in Urban Planning. Liam enjoys working with people, and joined the DASH Lab as a chance to work with people and hear their differing perspectives while working towards a common goal. In their free time Liam takes part in advocacy clubs around campus.

Jasmine Tirado

Undergraduate, Digital Media Management, Music (minor)

Jasmine has a love for learning and strives to gain many skills during her time here at New Paltz. Over the course of her college career, she has learned different software skills such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Audacity. Jasmine loves making music and utilizes these softwares to market and enhance her sound.

Jason Toth

Undergraduate, Geography

Along with a concentration in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geology, Jason loves to make maps and studying Geography. The projects off and on campus has left this young man wanting more. Two completed projects; one dealing with the assessment of stop signs in New Paltz for the mayor, and a study of the orthographic effect on wildfires occurring on the west coast (California specifically). A personal project of his is the location of all rocks on campus. It will be surfacing soon for a future interactive website. The DASH Lab will not only fine tune his skills but allow him to teach others and build relationships within the program as well.

Fan Xia

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production

Fan is an international transfer student from Sichuan, China. Living and studying abroad has brought on a lot of change, which has inspired writing materials of her scriptwriter plan. Fan wants to be helpful to people who come to the DASH Lab and learn from others as well. Fan teaches Cardio Hip-hop in the Wellness Center, please go to check it out!



DASH Lab Student Staff Assistant Alumni

Therese Fischer

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production

Therese Fischer is a freshman at SUNY New Paltz and is majoring in Digital Media Production. She is an intern for the Newburgh Community Photo Project, a grassroots community-based photography program in her hometown. Last year, she received first place in a national video competition called Career Safe. Therese is eager to learn more about the art of video production, while assisting others in the DASH Lab.

Nathaly Munoz


Nathaly Munoz is a  freshman with a strong passion for Art Education. She went to high school at the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School located in Washington Heights Upper Manhattan. She considers herself a “Uptown Girl”. She traveled abroad to India in 2018 which gave her an appreciation for meeting new people and exploring new cultures. She is super excited for the next 4 years at SUNY New Paltz. She hopes to help many students who pass by the DASH Lab this year!

Caroline Rowley

Undergraduate, Digital Media Production & Public Relations

Caroline Rowley is double majoring in Digital Media Production and Public Relations. She has interned with Woodstock Film Festival as a PR Coordinator and made Marist College’s MCCTA promotional video for “Anything Goes”. Her passion for filmmaking started early on in high school and attending SUNY New Paltz has strengthened her specific love for editing. Caroline joined the DASH Lab to broaden her knowledge in technology and complex softwares while educating her peers as well.


2018-2019 Interns

Dylan Hirsh, 2019 (Digital Media Production: Journalism, Digital Design & Fabrication minors)

Dylan Hirsh majored in Digital Media Production, Journalism, and Digital Design and Fabrication. Dylan has made movies since he was a child and dreams of becoming a director. Dylan has worked on many student films in a variety of positions, but is most interested in lighting, cinematography, and directing. Dylan joined the DASH Lab to sharpen his technical skills and learn how to educate others.

Lauren Jinete, 2019 (Digital Media Production, WGSS minor)

Lauren Jinete majored in Digital Media Production with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Lauren finds her passion in storytelling through digital mediums, and hopes to encourage others to be creative. She joined the DASH Lab to develop her areas of interest and work with peers.

Catherine Keefe-Harris (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & International Relations)

Cat Keefe – Harris is a Senior double major in International Relations and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at SUNY New Paltz. Cat became interested in audio projects when they began DJing at WFNP 88.7 their freshman year, and has thus gone on to create multiple podcasting related projects for their Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies courses. After serving as a Student Activities Manager in the Student Union, Cat gained an understanding of how to document real life events with technology and provided technical support for on campus conferences, performances, and speeches.

Leith Kusmider, 2018 (Geography & International Relations)

Leith Kusmider graduated in December 2018.  He double majored in International Relations and Geography with a concentration on urban planning. He enjoys walking places, making ridiculous pictures on photoshop and exploring the world via google earth. Leith led numerous trainings on StoryMaps ESRI), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Audacity.

Eveline Levin, 2019 (Digital Media Production)

Eveline Levin is a senior studying Digital Media Production & Journalism at SUNY New Paltz. Raised in Kiev, the cultural heart of  Ukraine, Eveline independently moved to the United States at the age of 17. She’s interested in creating content through multimedia storytelling that uses text, video and photo to present a narrative in the most compelling way. After earning her degree, she plans to bring her storytelling skills to her native country and inspire social change. 

Shu Yan Li, 2019 (Digital Media Production, Music minor)

Shuyan Li majored Digital Media Production and minoring Music at SUNY New Paltz. She has worked as Director of Photography and Director for most of the films she worked on. She joined DASH Lab to solidify her foundation as a filmmaker and assist others in becoming better visual storytellers.

Dynahlee Padilla, 2019 (Journalism, Spanish minor)

Dynahlee majored in Journalism with a Spanish minor. She works as a Student Activities Manager (SAM) for the Student Union and is a News Reporter for WNPC-TV, the SUNY New Paltz campus new station. She loves crafting questions, interviewing people, making conversation and sharing stories. Dynahlee joined the DASH Lab to hone her storytelling skills as a video editor, and to help others execute their visions for storytelling, too! Currently, Dynahlee is a freelance writer with a recent publication titled, “Reclaiming Spanish“(January 12, 2020) in The River.

Cafari Reid, 2019 (Journalism: Creative Writing, Black Studies minors)

Caroline Rowley (Undergraduate, Digital Media Production & Public Relations)

Caroline Rowley is a double major in Digital Media Production and Public Relations. She has interned with Woodstock Film Festival as a PR Coordinator and made Marist College’s MCCTA promotional video for “Anything Goes”. Her passion for filmmaking started in high school when she took her first Advanced Broadcasting course, and attending SUNY New Paltz has strengthened her specific love for editing. Caroline joined the DASH Lab to broaden her knowledge in technology and complex softwares while educating her peers as well.

Meg Tohill, 2019 (Journalism)

Meg Tohill is majoring in Journalism. She is experienced in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Her passions include reading, writing, and pretty much anything that has to do with the english word.

2017-2018 Interns

Amanda Simmonds, 2018 (Geography)

Amanda Simmonds majored  in Environmental Geography. Her skills include working with Google Maps, SketchUp, and ArcGIS. Most of her time is spent in the GIS lab (Science Building) or the DASH Lab (STL); however, when she is not there you can find her reading and studying at local coffee shops or hiking.

Amy Mackin, 2018 (Digital Media & Journalism)

Amy Mackin majored in digital media production with an interest in pursuing library sciences in graduate school. She is experienced in using Adobe Premiere, Audacity, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Avid. She has a basic (self-taught) proficiency in photoshop and graphic design. She is a firm believer in the attitude of “I don’t know that yet“.

Kayla Gleeson, 2017 (Digital Media & Journalism)

Kayla Gleeson majored in digital media and journalism with an interest in video production and animation. She continued her work in the field after graduation through a local production company, Flicker Filmworks in New Paltz.

Andrea Guilbo, 2018 (Visual Arts, minor in Fabrication)

Andrea Guilbo majored in Visual Arts and minoring in Computer Fabrication (3D Modeling).  She is experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, and a little in coding software like Brackets and in 3D modeling like Rhino.  When she’s not reading a good mystery book, Andrea can be found working on her own art pieces using some of these programs.

Erin Johnson, 2018 (Digital Media & Journalism)

Erin Johnson majored in Digital Media Management who hopes to pursue entertainment management after graduation. She has a basic level of experience with Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, and Avid. Erin is a quick learner and is always open to learning new skills. When she’s not doing schoolwork, you can find her listening to her favorite music or binge watching one of her favorite shows.

Hannah Phillips, 2018 (Graduate Student and HASTAC Scholar, English)

Hannah Phillips is an English MA student at SUNY New Paltz. She works as a Composition Teaching Assistant and is a 2017-2019 HASTAC Scholar, two pedagogical roles which she hopes to merge together during her time at the DASH Lab. When she is not reading, Hannah can be found grading papers, looking at 19th-century houses, or speed learning something new.

Meagen Stone, 2018 (Geography)

Meagen Stone majored in Geography with a concentration in Urban Planning. Her research focuses on how the spatial arrangements of and within cities affect communities and social behavior, and vice versa. Her skills include work with Adobe Photoshop and digital mapping software (ArcGIS, Google Maps, Mapbox, StorymapsJS, and QGIS).