Open Lab Hours (Fall 2019):
Mondays: 9am-5pm
Tuesdays: 9am-9pm                           Saturdays: varies (please check the calendar below)
Wednesdays: 11am-9pm                    Sundays: 12pm-8pm
Thursdays: 9am-9pm                          The DASH Lab is only open when the Sojourner Truth Library (STL) is open. 
Friday: 9am-5pm                                Thus, if there is a holiday and the University/STL is close, the DASH Lab is also closed.

The DASH Lab will be open for drop-in use when meetings, events and trainings are not scheduled.
See the calendar directly below (DASH Lab Training & Events) for scheduled events.


The calendar below shows the open office hours staffed by DASH Lab personnel.
See the list of names and areas of specialty below this calendar.

Open Office Hours Staff (areas of specialty):

Melissa Y. Rock (Faculty Director): Google Maps, Hawksites, Audacity/Sound Booth/Zoom Recorder, Adobe Photoshop (basics), Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, WeVideo, ArcGIS/StoryMaps & StoryMapJS, TimelineJS

Hollie Burton (Intern)

Therese Fischer (Staff Assistant)

Kevin Flores (Intern)

Noah Gomez (Intern): Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Sound booth

Kayla Jones (Intern)

Joseph Juste (Intern)

John Kiessel (Intern)

Nathaly Munoz (Staff Assistant)

Jillian Pugliese (Intern)

Caroline Rowley (Staff Assistant)

Marisa Rupolo (Intern)

Liam Salisbury (Intern)



We have limited open office hours during the beginning of the semester.

If you need to use software available on the DASH Lab Mac computers while we are closed, you can also go to the Curriculum Materials Center/Center for Innovation in Education, in Room 215 Old Main (they are open 8:30-4pm M-F). Additionally there is a Mac computer Lab in CSB.