Digital Arts, Sciences, and Humanities (DASH) Lab:  Grand Opening Event
Digital Pedagogy Projects – A Show & Tell
September 20th, 2017

Presentation Schedule

11am:               Joshua Korenblat – The Tidyverse package and R Studio (M39)

In this brief introduction Kornblat will present R Studio and the Tidyverse package. He will demonstrate how graphics can be made using this package. The presentations will provide examples of charts and graphics made with R Studio and Tidyverse. While this will be more conceptually based, it will provide learning resources in order to deepen knowledge and understanding.

11:15am:       Tour DASH Lab (M36)

11:30:             Jessica Pabón – Twitter (M39)

In the age of social media, platforms like Twitter provide an incredible pedagogical tool for educators. In her presentation, Pabón will briefly show how the use of Twitter in her classes has: helped build community outside of seated classroom hours; enabled a different way to assess student comprehension and interest in reading materials; inspired students to find their voice through practicing public intellectualism; and enabled students to develop digital job skills in an increasingly new media dependent market.

11:45am:        Tour DASH Lab (M36)

12 noon:         Kiersten Greene- Hawksites & Digital Text Production (M39)

By demonstrating how to use Hawksites as a learning management system, eportfolio, and digital text production tool in her courses, Greene teaches students how to be both consumers and producers of multimodal texts in an increasingly digital world. Come to this workshop to get tips on how to effectively use Hawksites in your seated, online, or hybrid course.

12:15pm:       Tour DASH Lab (M36)

12:30pm:       Melissa Rock- Google Maps (M39)

Google Maps has more uses than getting you from point A to point B (though that utility is quite valuable). This presentation will show you how Rock integrates this ubiquitous and accessible web mapping technology in her classrooms.

12:45pm:      Tour DASH Lab (M36)

1pm:               Melissa Rock- Digital Video Essays (M39)

Digital video essays can be incorporated as an ongoing or final project in any course. During her presentation, Rock will show examples of her student’s work, briefly introduce the video editing tools students used to make them, and discuss the academic and professional benefits of integrating digital video essays into her geography, Asian studies and WGSS courses.