Conversation One, April 25, 2018

A fifteen year old Jewish boy from New Jersey spends a summer living and working on a Kentucky tobacco farm in 1942, hosted by a family that happens to be Christian.  This opportunity is provided through a Federal government program intended to “encourage America’s religious and national minorities to become further incorporated into the larger society.”* Sandy loves it.  His parents are uneasy.  Gradually the boy and his family slide into painful and ultimately dangerous conflict.

The desire to be – or at least seem to be – normal can cause terrible strain within families.  Have you lived this through this – as a child, parent, sibling?  Please join us and share your story.  All are welcome!

*This week’s Conversation is a special tie-in to this year’s One Book One New Paltz book: Philip Roth’s quietly terrifying novel The Plot Against America.

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