Many Opportunities Close to Home with the Summer 2022 Target Management Internship Program

Target Executive Store Interns will gain a  realistic job preview of the Executive Team Leader role over an 8-week period and in multiple areas of the business to enhance guest experience and impact their store’s financial, team and operational performance. Interns will work closely with a mentor while learning different business areas and functions within their store. 

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Visit the Career Resource Center for help with your Job & Internship Searches !

Thinking about a Job or an Internship? The Career Resource Center, located in Humanities 105, is a great tool to keep in mind !

The CRC staff is available weekdays 12-4PM via their drop-in hours, which are offered both virtually and in-person. 

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Networking For Internships in a Virtual World

Future interns, it is never too early to begin networking! Networking can open doors and reveal opportunities you would’ve never thought of. Since students are responsible for finding their own internships (and then getting them approved by Nancy Heiz before starting), networking is important so you can scout for the internship that best suits you. Don’t worry, networking is still possible in a virtual world! Continue reading