Attention Juniors and Seniors: Make Note of Unavailable Classes for Fall 2023 Preregistration in Communication Studies

Because some Communication Studies classes are only available once per academic year, it’s important to make note of the classes available and unavailable to you to ensure you don’t miss any required courses. Here is a four-semester plan to help you craft your schedule in order to avoid missing anything.


If you’ve recently declared the major you should take:

  • One of more core major courses (CMM 202, CMM 315, CMM 353, CMM 360) early in the major
  • One of the research methods classes, CMM 352 or CMM 354, ideally soon after entering the major
  • All majors should take one or more concentration electives in consecutive semesters until they have completed the 9-credit (6-credit for Strategic Comm) concentration elective requirement (see below for offerings in Fall 23 and Spring 24).


We are offering a graduate course in Fall 23, CMM 712 Talent Development (online asynchronous). This course will be open to all Comm majors who are rising seniors and who have a GPA of 3.5 in the major. It will substitute for a concentration elective. The course description is on the Schedule of Classes.

Capstone Seminars in Org Comm and Relational Comm are offered in SPRING ONLY:

  • Juniors in 505 O (Organizational Comm) or 505 C (Relational Comm) should register for the capstone seminar in the spring of their senior year, i.e., in the spring semester when they are second- or first-semester seniors. 
  • Org Comm and Relational Comm majors who are second-semester seniors in the fall will not see their seminar offered. These seminars are only offered in Spring. We will continue to offer the Seminar in Strategic Communication each semester.

Note for Strategic Comm Majors:

  • CMM 316 Strategic Comm Campaigns will be offered in the fall each year (until further notice) but not in the spring. Students should take it as soon as they have completed one of the prerequisites: CMM 231, CMM 315, or DMJ 230.

Planned Rotation of Electives for Academic Year 2023-24

505O Org Comm

Fall 23  CMM 204* Small Group Comm (offered in alternate semesters to CMM452)

CMM 334 Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

CMM 712 Talent Development (online asynchronous)

Spring 24 CMM 450 Negotiation

CMM 452* Communication and Gender (offered in alternate semesters to CMM204)

CMM 705 Collaboration, Leadership, Facilitation

CMM 709 Narrative, Identity, and Community

505R/C Relational Comm

Fall 23 CMM 293 Asian Perspectives and Practice in Intercultural Communication

CMM 389 Perceptions of Diversity

Spring 24 CMM 379 Communication, Culture and Difference

CMM 452 Communication and Gender

505T Strat Comm

Fall 23 CMM 334 Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

CMM 375 Social Change and Advocacy [DEISJ]


Spring 24 CMM 375 Social Change and Advocacy Communication


CMM 326 Environmental Communication