Media Intern Needed for Campus Ministry & Food Pantry Spring 2023

Campus minister Allison Moore, with Chaplain Michelle Ledesma-Baer, director of the Student Christian Center, are seeking a communications/media intern to raise the visibility of the campus Food Pantry and expand progressive Christian ministry beyond the Food Pantry, into food sustainability, food justice, cooking classes, nutrition workshops, etc. 


  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to document work–all accounts, all passwords, necessary info to hand off to a new intern next semester
  • Be well-organized
  • Be attentive to detail

Major strategic initiatives include:

  • Understand the mission and vision of Food Pantry, SCC, ECM, programs
  • Develop a timetable of messaging that includes each media platform, with input deadlines for copy and images
  • Develop a “how to” manual that can be used in successive internships
  • Develop a system for storing digital media images and content ideas (e.g. academic schedules, holidays, etc.) that can be shared

This is an excellent opportunity to have creative input and design a media infrastructure for an organization that is rebranding itself.

Typical work week will include meetings with directors and independently generating images and content. 


Michelle Ledesma-Baer

Allison Moore

Ministry office is in SUB 309, across from the Food Pantry in SUB 307.

To apply please send resume to The Rev. Allison Moore at Past examples of digital images used to advertise other organizations or products are encouraged.