Want to be published ? Consider submitting your work to The Teller Magazine’s Fall 2022 Issue, Passion !

The Teller Magazine is seeking contributors for their Fall 2022 Issue themed, Passion ! The Teller is accepting of all types of work across disciplines including essays, photography, music playlists, poetry, collages, and so much more ! 

Don’t know what The Teller is  ? The Teller Magazine is an art and lifestyle publication created by the students of SUNY New Paltz for the students of SUNY New Paltz ! Each issue is themed and is divided into the following sections: Literature & Art, Adventure & Culture, Food & Home, Health & Wellness, Fashion & Beauty, and Horoscopes & Misc. 

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An archive of past issues can be found here.

The Teller has a rotating set of contributing writers and no set writing staff so each issue is completely unique ! Any SUNY New Paltz student is welcome to contribute ! 

If interested, fill out the sign-up form below to confirm your contribution:

Fall 2022 Issue Contribution Sign-Up Form 

Contributions due Tuesday, November 22

Questions ? Please email thetellermagazine@gmail.com