Spring Schedule is Live: Meet your Major Advisor Soon

The Spring 2023 schedule is live, which signals the opening of advising season! Please take some time to look at your progress report for graduation requirements and major requirements before drafting a class schedule to share with your major advisor. 

Here are some important notes from the Department of Communication: 

  • The senior Seminars in Relational Communication and Organizational Communication are ONLY offered in Spring semesters, so if you plan to graduate in December, you must take the senior seminar in Spring. You should already have taken a communications research methods course (either Qualitative or Quantitative Research Methods) before taking the seminar. On rare occasions, the department will approve taking them at the same time, but the skills needed to succeed in the senior seminar are acquired in the research methods course. senior seminars
  • Elective courses are offered on a 3-semester rotation. If you see an elective in your communication concentration, register for it because it won’t be offered again for another 3 semesters!  For Spring, we’re offering


electives for spring







  • The online section of Public Speaking is reserved for active duty military personnel. Seats won’t be released to other students until a few days before spring semester begins. Furthermore, it’s an 8-week “part of term” course that begins March 21, which means a full semester in about half the time (double the work)

online section is reserved