What to do Once You’ve Been Approved for Internship Eligibility!

Once you’ve been certified eligible to intern you must find an internship. When you do this there are a few steps you have to take. First, when you are approved you will be sent a congrats email, READ IT AND SAVE IT!!! The congrats email has all the steps and resources you need to find and secure an internship.  Here are a few resources for where to go from here.

Now you have all the resources you need to find, register, and secure an internship. Remember, you don’t need to secure an internship until the first day of the semester you are interning, so don’t panic! If you still have questions AFTER reading this blog and checking your congrats email you can ask Nancy Heiz, the internship coordinator, for help!

If you’re not certified yet, read this!

NOTE: Anything that says HawkHire is now Handshake!!!!!