Juniors: It’s Time to Apply for Internship Eligibility (Nov. 12 Deadline)

Juniors! You should be starting to think about doing an internship.  You’ll want to complete that this year or next year, so you should start the process today by making sure you’re eligible for an internship. **Communication majors are not required to do an internship; however, it’s a good thing to have professional experience before graduation.

Applying for internship eligibility is required at least one semester before you start looking for an internship placement. However, you should apply for eligibility as soon as possible.

If you do not apply for internship eligibility, any internship you complete will not count for credits toward your degree.

Apply for internship eligibility by Friday, Nov. 12 if you are planning to intern next spring.

To apply for internship eligibility, you must complete the application and submit your progress report and one-page, single-sided resume. All of these steps can be found in the Blackboard community “fall21_Communication & DMJ Students.”

Remember, once you are eligible, you remain eligible for the rest of your college career (unless your GPA drops below 2.5) so as soon as you meet the requirements, it’s never too early to apply.

Here are the minimum requirements to be certified as eligible to earn internship credits:

  • 60 total credits
  • 30 credits at New Paltz
  • 18 credits in your major
  • 2.5 GPA