Want To Intern in Spring ‘22? Follow These Steps Before November Deadline

Students looking to graduate in Spring 2022: there is an internship eligibility deadline upcoming that you must make, or risk not graduating on time. All DMJ majors and journalism minors are required to complete an internship in order to graduate. If you are a DMJ major or journalism minor, and you have not completed or are not currently completing an internship, you must intern next semester. That means you MUST apply for internship eligibility this semester! The deadline is Friday, Nov. 12. 

So, what does that mean? Applying for internship eligibility means you have to be approved before you can earn internship credits or even start looking for an internship placement. Our department has to make sure you are ready to represent our department, internship program and SUNY New Paltz out in the work world. Once your internship eligibility application has been approved and you are eligible to earn internship credits, then you can start looking for an internship. 

To apply for internship eligibility, visit Blackboard. By clicking on the Community tab and clicking “fall21_Communication & DMJ Students” will get you to the designated folder.

First, read through the Internship Information post and make sure you understand everything in there. After you’ve read that, click the Google Form and enter all the required information to apply for eligibility. Then, upload your progress report and one-page, single-sided resume via the two Turnitin links. That’s it! Once you are approved, you will receive an email with your next steps, which include searching for an internship placement. 

Remember, the deadline to complete this process is Friday, Nov. 12 if you are planning on interning in the Spring 2022 semester. Seniors looking to graduate in Spring 2022 who haven’t completed an internship yet must make the Nov. 12 deadline or risk not graduating on time.