Transfers: Register for Internship Eligibility Once You Have 30 New Paltz Credits

Transfer students, you should apply for internship eligibility once you have 30 New Paltz credits.

Applying for internship eligibility means you must be approved to earn credits for any internship you complete, before you complete it. You must be certified as internship eligible at least one semester before you look for an internship placement, but you should do it as soon as you are eligible.

Once you are certified as eligible, you remain eligible until you graduate, as long as your GPA does not fall below 2.5.

Here are the minimum requirements to be certified as eligible to earn internship credits.

  • 2.5 GPA
  • 18 credits in your major
  • 60 total credits
  • 30 credits at SUNY New Paltz

To apply for internship eligibility, visit the Blackboard community “Spring21_Communication & DMJ Students” to submit your application, progress report, and one-page, single-sided resume.

Confused about this process? Read this blog post to catch up!

Remember, all DMJ majors and journalism minors are required to complete an internship.

CMM majors are not required to complete an internship, but if they want to earn credits for an internship they complete, they must also follow this process.