Records & Registration Website – Check it out!

Have a question about course registration? What about graduation? You’ll find the answer on the newly enhanced Records & Registration Website. 

The Records & Reg website has information on everything from grades/GPA and declaring a major to taking a leave of absence and withdrawing from college. If you have a question regarding school, chances are you can find the answer on their website!

Thinking of Studying Abroad? Start planning early!

As soon as you know you want to study abroad, plan with your advisor what courses you can take abroad that will be equivalent to major or GE courses. The CMM department recommends saving elective or GE courses for studying abroad, as not all major courses will be accepted from an overseas university.

The most common GE courses to be taught overseas are Humanities, Art and World, so we recommend saving those courses if you think you want to study abroad. In order to make sure a course you want to take abroad will be accepted as a GE in New Paltz:

  • FIRST check the SAB equivalency database
  • THEN if a course isn’t in there, obtain the syllabus for the course and bring it to the Academic Advising Center, which is responsible for approving all GE equivalencies. 

If you choose to take major courses overseas, you must obtain the course syllabus and bring it to your advisor, who will decide if it can be accepted for credit for your major. They must complete a Pre-Course Approval form before you study abroad, and then a work-flow report for the Records Office after you study abroad. In both cases, they will need the course syllabus.

The CMM department has a short list of courses we’ve previously accepted from students from this department who’ve studied abroad. Check with Nancy Heiz (CSB64) to ask about these courses.

We strongly encourage studying abroad, as it can enhance your degree and add value to your education, as well as help you gain invaluable worldly experience. If this is something you are even slightly interested in, visit the Study Abroad website or office to learn more!

Recruiters from T. Howard Foundation Diversity in Media Coming to Campus Oct. 23 with Paid Internship Opportunities

Recruiters are coming to campus again this year from the T. Howard Foundation, which seeks to promote diversity in the media industry. We had 9 students in the past class of T. Howard and some have been hired full-time after their paid internships.
Howard Foundation Paid Internship Info Session:
Wednesday, October 23rd
4pm- 5:15pm
Lecture Center 104

The T. Howard Foundation, , is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote diversity in media and entertainment by increasing the number of diverse and underrepresented groups and underserved communities within the industry. All majors welcome, as positions are in the media/entertainment industry in a variety of positions.

The foundation will also be at the Networking Fair for Internships and Jobs on Wednesday, 10/23 from 11am-3pm. The attached flyer is for the info session following the fair. Students do not need to stay for the whole time and can come in late if they need to. There is added value to see them at the fair as well as attending the info session for this amazing program to make sure they get tips for applying and more information from the recruiter.

The Career Resource Center is happy to help students as they prepare their application materials should they be interested in this valuable opportunity. Stop by HUM 105.

Get Ahead With Winter Courses!

Winter courses are a great way to get ahead or catch up in your major! All courses are offered online, so you can take them wherever you have internet service. Registration opens November 4 and you do not need advisor permission in order to register.

This 2019/2020 Winter Session, the Department of Communication is offering:

CMM315 Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits), taught by Jack Harris

CMM355 Nonverbal Communication (3 credits), taught by Stellina Chapman

CMM359 Communication Among Cultures (3 credits) (DIV GE), taught by Stellina Chapman

CMM452 Communication and Gender (3 credits), taught by Stephen DiDomenico

Keep an eye out for the Winter 2019-2020 Schedule of Classes on

Declare Your Major or Minor BEFORE Oct. 25

There is a campus-wide declaration moratorium from October 25 to November 15. This means that during this time, students will not be able to declare a major or minor, no exceptions. You can still submit paperwork to the office (CSB 51) during the moratorium, but it will not be processed or reflected in your progress report until after November 15. If you need a declared major/minor to register into certain classes for Winter 2019 or Spring 2020, declare it before Oct. 25! Visit CSB 51 to get the paperwork needed to declare.