No More Must-Take Preregistration Forms for Getting Into Classes!

Advisors will no longer reserve class seats for students via must-take course preregistration forms. Instead, the seniority system will ensure that students get into the courses they need to keep them on track to graduate. Seniors get first choice of classes they need to graduate, then juniors, and so on. Be sure to meet with your advisor in OCTOBER to ensure you’re on track to graduate and have planned out a Spring schedule that addresses your goals.

Don’t Miss These Important Dates and Deadlines

  • October 11: Last day to register to vote in order to vote in the Nov. 5 general elections
  • October 18: Deadline for students to register for the BEA Film 48 Competition
  • October 25-November 15: Declaration moratorium for majors and minors. Students cannot declare a major or minor during this time!
  • October 30: Last day for graduates to withdraw without failing grades
  • November 6: Last day for student elected Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option
  • November 8: Deadline to submit application to earn internship credits for Spring & Summer 2020
  • November 11: Class registration begins. Time assignments will be given out by Records and Registration ahead of time

Check the academic calendar for more: