Conversation One – TODAY(?) May 16, 2018

Another semester nearly gone.  Will there be a Conversation today?  Well I’ll be there!  If you’re around and interested, stop in.  And no matter how many people there are, something interesting’s bound to happen…

There will be intermittent Conversation opportunities during the summer.  If interested, get on the mailing list.

Thanks to everyone who made this another amazing semester!

Conversation One
4:30 pm, May 16, 2018
Sojourner Truth Library Conference Room (M39)

Black History for the other 11…

If you’re looking for a great way to expand your encounter with Black history beyond the month of February, check out Glory Days by Janus Adams*. This book – available in the Library – provides 365 brief, powerful essays highlighting African American contributions to the political, scientific, athletic, artistic, and economic life of the U.S., one for each day of the year.Glory Days / Janus Adams

Each essay carries the reader on a journey, propelled by Dr. Adams’ passionate, unsparing prose.  For in celebrating achievement, she doesn’t hesitate to expose the viciousness of the obstacles overcome.  Even if you don’t check out the book, I urge you to read the introduction. Written in 1995 it sounds notes of eerie familiarity, of an era of growing hostility toward people of color. It states as the book’s purpose: to remind those people – and those who would undermine them – of their majestic determination to rise, to love themselves and their children, and assert their right to happiness and success, again and again, often over the persecution and hatred of their countrymen.

If you marveled at the power of her oratory, or are curious what compelled a return performance of her brilliant lecture, Glory Days will prove that performance was no fluke.

*Last Fall’s Distinguished Speaker at SUNY New Paltz, the first ever invited to reprise her lecture.  She delivered her talk “Know When to Leave the Plantation” again last week.

Gary Oliver

Gary Oliver, the technician who supports nearly all Library technology, celebrated his 25th anniversary working for NYS. It’s his extraordinary skill, and speed which keeps most of our technology running so reliably. If you’ve used a Library PC, laptop, or iPad; used inter library loan, or borrowed a book, you’ve probably benefited from Gary’s quiet excellence. Thanks Gary from all of us.