The Black Struggle for Justice: Past, Present & Future | 5:30-8:30pm | SUB MPR. Join us for a round table discussion with past, present, and future campus community members as they share lived experiences and hopes about the Black struggle for justice at SUNY New Paltz. All are welcome. Featuring: Anthony Dandridge, Dr. A.J. Williams-Myers, Dr. Edgar Rodriguez, Noor & Cheryl Rahaman, Esther Joseph, and Denise Oliver-Velez.


Continuing the Conversation: Anti-racism in the Classroom | 3:30-5:30pm | LC 102. A panel discussion for students, faculty and staff. Panel moderated by Carolyn Corrado (Sociology, Affiliate Latin American & Caribbean Studies), featuring: Laura Arias (Graduate Student in Humanistic/Multicultural Education), Nafeesa Nichols (Black Studies), Taijah Pink (Undergraduate Student in Sociology), Melissa Yang Rock (Geography, Affiliate WGSS, Asian Studies), Robyn Stout Sheridan (Humanistic/Multicultural Education, Affiliate WGSS).


Film Screening & Discussion: 13th | 12:30-3:30pm | MPR. Facilitators: Carolyn Corrado & Galo Vasquez.


#FundSUNYnow Rally for Justice | 11:300am-12:30pm | LC concourse

Black Lives Matter in the Educational Continuum: Faculty & Staff Voices Forum | 4:00-6:00pm | SUB 418. This discussion will focus on the documented and observed disparities relating to students of color to access and succeed at and beyond SUNY New Paltz and what we can do to better create or enhance conditions for their success. Facilitators: Barbara Lyman, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs & Stephanie Blaisdell, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Black & Latinx Struggle for Justice | 6:00-8:00pm | SH 181. Facilitated  by students Galo Vasquez and Patrick Derilus. This presentation and discussion will involve interactive prompts and questions throughout, followed by a break-out discussion and activity.

FEBRUARY 26: wear #BLMatSchool shirts today

Campus #BLMatSchool Photo | 12:00pm sharp. STL Way/The Wings (rain location: Wooster Hall main staircase). Arrive a few minutes before, and expect to stay until 12:15pm.

Environmental Ethics: Foundations to Environmental Justice | 3:00pm. SH 181. It is a fact that environmental racism and injustice is an oppressive and yet structurally-perpetuated reality for many Americans. There is a deep rooted and real connection between environmentalism and race. Join graduate student Laura Arias (Humanistic & Multicultural Education) and Professor Anthony Dandridge (Black Studies) in an exploration and discussion of the fundamentals, foundations, and practices of environmental ethics as the leading force behind real environmental justice.

Black Students & Teachers Matter: Reflections from the Classroom | 5:00-8:00pm | SH 181. Panel discussion about anti/racism in K-12 schools, schools of education, and beyond, with Natalia Foreman (’14 & G’16), Brian Jones (Assistant Director for Education, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture), Bree Picower (Associate Professor, Montclair State University), and Kimberly Roman (’16). Facilitator: Kiersten Greene.


Institutionalized Racism & Data | 2:00-3:15pm | LC 102. Presentation and discussion on data illustrating the impact of institutionalized racism right here in the Mid-Hudson region. Facilitators: KT Tobin and Robin Jacobowitz, The Benjamin Center.

Film & Conversation: Brazilian Human Rights Activist Marielle Franco | 3:30-4:45pm | SH 181. Showing of the documentary of the life of human rights activist Marielle Franco who was brutally murdered in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, in March 2018. Facilitator: Benjamin Junge (Anthropology and Latin American & Caribbean Studies).

Film Screening & Discussion: The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman | 5:00-8:00pm | LC 100. This documentary written and produced by a group of New York City public school teachers and parents responds to Davis Guggenheim’s highly misleading film, Waiting for Superman. The film highlights the real life experiences of public school parents and educators and takes a holistic look at education reform. Facilitators: Anthony Dandridge & Kiersten Greene.


In Here / Out There: Contemplative Practices as Critical Tools for Realizing the Promise of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work | 10:00am-12:30pm | FDC. A growing body of work documents the power of integrating contemplative practices as college faculty, staff and administrators work with students to identify, address and eliminate barriers to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus and community. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to and practice some of the inner skills that support us in responding to inequity, oppression and exclusion in the outer world in more informed, aware and intentional ways. Facilitators: Anthony Dandridge (Black Studies), Terry Murray (School of Education), Chris Whitaker (School of Education).

Black Lives Matter in STEM: Understanding the Student Experience | 1:00-3:00pm | SH 2nd Floor. Faculty and students will co-facilitate conversations around six topics of importance to students in the School of Science and Engineering. The topics will include: Money Problems, Undergraduate Research, Academic Resources from Faculty, Constructive Feedback to Faculty, Diversity in Speakers, and Inclusive Curriculum. The goal is to come up with actions based on students’ input for making the classroom and other academic spaces welcoming and inclusive. Facilitators: Nancy Campos, Binta Ceesay, Jen Waldo, Jared Nelson, Moshe Cohen, Catherine Herne, Yohely Espiritusanto, Evans Yeboah, Melissa Richard, Oluwaseyi Rasaki, Michael Ezeani & Jessica Vasquez.


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