List of Courses

Asian Studies Perspective (ASP) Courses    *Beyond  China and Japan (AREA) courses 

  • ARH210 Images & Ideas in Asian Art
  • ASN200 Introduction to Asia
  • ECO 310 Economic Development of Asia-Pacific
  • ENG211 Great Books Asian Classics (Fenkl)*
  • HIS200 Ancient World (Shimada)*
  • HIS216 Modern China (Harris)
  • POL365 International Politics of the Asia-Pacific (Schwartz)

Language Courses

  • CHI101 Elementary Chinese I
  • CHI102 Elementary Chinese II
  • CHI201 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHI202 Intermediate Chinese II
  • JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I (Clerici & other)
  • JPN102 Elementary Japanese II (Clerici & other)
  • JPN201 Intermediate Japanese I (Clerici & other)
  • JPN202 Intermediate Japanese II (Clerici & other)
  • JPN301 Japanese Composition & Conversation (Clerici)

Content Courses (Art and Humanities)      *Beyond  China and Japan (AREA) courses 

Content Courses (Social Science)     *Beyond  China and Japan (AREA) courses*

Capstone Pre-Requisite Courses (CPC) (not offered yet)

  • ARH343 Japanese Arts of the Edo Period
  • ARH452 Chinese Painting: Figure in Landscape
  • ANT 370 Cultures of East Asia (Meeker)*
  • ANT 371 Culture and Society of Vietnam (Meeker)*
  • HIS330 Staging China (Harris)
  • HIS 480 Women in China (Harris)
  • HIS 492 History Seminar (taught by Shimada or Harris only)
  • HIS 336 History of Asian Religions (Shimada)*
  • HIS 339 Indian Ocean World (Shimada)
  • JPN 311 Japanese Fiction (Clerici)
  • JPN 300 Japanese Aesthetics and Culture (Clerici)
  • PHI 330 Chinese Philosophy (Elstein)
  • PHI 332 Buddhist Philosophy (Elstein)
  • POL 362 Comparative Politics of China and India (Schwartz)
  • THE 328 Asian Theater

Capstone Course (not offered yet)

  • ASN 400 Asian Studies Seminar
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