My Abnormal Psychology Textbook Published

From the publisher’s website: This groundbreaking core textbook offers a comprehensive overview of different approaches to the assessment and treatment of psychological disorders. The...

What Will Instructor’s Like About “Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives?”

In this video, I talk about three things instructors will like about my textbook, “Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives.”

Dare You Take Someone Else’s Perspective?

New Psychology Today blog post on the potential power of empathy in today’s contentious world.

Diagnostic Perspectives in Abnormal Psychology

In this video I explain how my textbook, Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives includes DSM, ICD, PDM, HiTOP, and PTM perspectives on diagnosis.

What’s New in the ICD-11?

The new ICD-11 was released a few weeks ago. Here’s a blog post of mine that examines some of the noteworthy changes (for better...

The Importance of Perspectives in Abnormal Psychology

Check out this video outlining what a perspectives approach is and how it is central to my forthcoming textbook, Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives.

Fall 2018 Class and Books

During the Fall 2018 semester, I will be teaching one graduate class: COU510 Counseling Theories The books for this class, which can be purchased online...

Special Section of Journal of Constructivist Psychology on Ethics Published

Check out the special section in the Fall 2018 issue of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology: “Constructivism and Ethical Meaning-Making: A Target Article and...

Suicide as Sickness?

Psychology Today post: “Suicide as Sickness?” The heartrending suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain shocked and upset us. But are we exaggerating the role...