Creativity in the Classroom and Museum Learning Seminars

Various faculty and staff will present on using creativity in the classroom.  One focus will be on Drawing to Learn with Andrea Kantrowitz and Joshua Korenblatt. Another focus will be on using the Samuel Dorsky Museum as a learning lab for undergraduate and graduate students with Zachary Bowman, Museum Educator, and Frank Boyer, Art.  Attend 4 seminar sessions throughout the year and earn a feather in your cap (a badge for your annual report).  Interested in participating or presenting? Please contact

Using the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art Collections in the Classroom

Open to Faculty and Graduate Students who Teach

Zachary Bowman and Frank Boyer (Art) will lead a discussion on example lesson plans used for class visits to the museum, including ekphrastic writing exercises.  Zach and Frank will present partly on the work of Jan Sawka (whose works will be on display at the museum the following spring) to encourage faculty to incorporate his art into their curriculum).  Sawka immigrated from Poland during the Cold War, lived in the Hudson Valley, and made work that documents political resistance to oppressive regimes.  His work also promotes The Grateful Dead, among other student-friendly groups.

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 2, 2:00 p.m.

Friday, October 4, 11:00 a.m. (choose either session)

Location: Faculty Development Center, College Hall 113

Museum Tours for Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students who Teach (in anticipation of bringing students to the museum)

Dates: November 6 & 8, time to be determined

Location: Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (opposite Sojourner Truth Library and adjacent to College Theater)