Audacity & Sound Booth: 

November 14th, 3:30-4:30pm
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training by Amy Mackin (DASH Lab Intern)

Audacity is a free audio editing software that is commonly used to record and edit audio files (i.e./ sound, narration, music). It can be used to record sound/narration, to edit and manipulate pre-recorded sound files, and create a final audio product that can be used in podcasting and video narration. In this training we will cover how to use the DASH Lab sound booth as well as the Zoom portable recorder to record your audio/narration. Then we will cover the fundamentals of using Audacity to edit recordings (including, working with multiple tracks, adjusting the volume of the various tracks, deleting audio clips, as well as integrating fade in/out into your audio project).

DASH Lab Orientation: 

Before scheduling a class training session in the DASH Lab, SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff must complete an orientation session to familiarize yourself with the logistics involved in utilizing the DASH Lab space and technology for your course’s digital scholarship assignments and projects.

Wednesday, November 29th (11-11:30am)

To sign up for an orientation session, click here to go to the EventBrite site to select your preferred date.

Upcoming Trainings:

ArcGIS basics Training

Adobe Premier (video editing) Training


Previous Trainings

(Offered at least once each semester.
Check back for updates on the next session offered.)

Photoshop basics:

Training by Meagen Stone (DASH Lab Intern)

Photoshop is an Adobe editing software that is commonly used to manipulate images. It can be used to create original images and art, enhance images, and change what is expressed by an image. In this training we will cover as many of the Photoshop basics as possible, including cropping, painting, blurring, warping, and how to work with more than one image at a time.

Workshop Your Ideas Group Consultation Sessions:

During this “Workshop Your Ideas” group consultation session, interested faculty will come to the DASH Lab to share their ideas with DASH board members (and each other) to get feedback and clarity on how they can convert their ideas into a tangible digital arts, sciences, or humanities assignment and/or research project.

Participants will be asked to present the research or assignment/class project that they want to infuse with DASH-related tools in 3-5 minutes. Then, DASH board members will follow up with questions to clarify the research/assignment goals. Participants can expect to leave the session with targeted feedback.