In addition to the trainings open to all faculty, staff and students, we offer faculty-oriented trainings that either engage more specifically with digital pedagogy and/or offer more advanced digital research trainings.


DASH Lab Orientation Sessions (click here to register via Eventbrite)

Dates & Times:
November 8, 2018 @ 1-1:30pm

Led by Melissa Y. Rock
Assistant Professor of Geography, Asian Studies & WGSS
Co-founder & Director, DASH Lab

Do you want to better understand what the DASH Lab is and how you can utilize its resources for your teaching or research? This half hour orientation session will introduce you to the scope of DASH Lab work and capabilities, the teaching and collaborative space and technologies available, and also the general protocols for scheduling a training session and using the DASH Lab resources. Before scheduling a class training session in the DASH Lab for your class or club, SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff must complete this orientation session to familiarize yourself with the logistics involved in utilizing the DASH Lab space and technology for your course’s digital scholarship assignments and projects.


Previous faculty-oriented trainings

(Check back for updates on the next session offered.)


Workshop Your Ideas Group Consultation Sessions:

During this “Workshop Your Ideas” group consultation session, interested faculty will come to the DASH Lab to share their ideas with DASH board members (and each other) to get feedback and clarity on how they can convert their ideas into a tangible digital arts, sciences, or humanities assignment and/or research project.

Participants will be asked to present the research or assignment/class project that they want to infuse with DASH-related tools in 3-5 minutes. Then, DASH board members will follow up with questions to clarify the research/assignment goals. Participants can expect to leave the session with targeted feedback.

Data Visualization using Tidyverse (Workshop)

Led by Joshua Korenblat,
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Art Director at Graphicacy

Do you have data that you need to clean, analyze, and visualize? If so, consider using R. The open source R environment is one of the world’s most popular choices for working with data—you can do almost anything you can imagine in R. Yet for all its flexibility, creativity, and community, R has a reputation for being very difficult to learn for newcomers. Enter the Tidyverse. The Tidyverse is a new ecosystem within R that makes it much easier to do the things that base R does. The code reads more like the way we naturally read English sentences. It can be your way to get the best out of R, and you don’t need to be experienced in R at all.

If you’re curious about R and Tidyverse, this hands-on workshop will guide you through the data visualization process through the Tidyverse. At the end of the workshop, you will also be introduced iNZight, which makes it even easier to do all the same things within R, using a visual interface. You can save the pre-written worksheet from this workshop and apply it to new data and new questions.