Open Lab Hours:

The DASH Lab will be open for drop-in use when meetings, events and trainings are not scheduled. See the calendar directly below for scheduled events.

The calendar below shows the open office hours staffed by DASH Lab personnel. See the list of names and areas of specialty below this calendar.
In general, we are open:
Mon 9am-8pm; Tues 9am-8pm; Weds 9am-8pm; Thurs 10am-6pm; Fri 9-10am, 11am-6pm; Sat closed; Sun 2-6pm

Open Office Hours Staff (areas of specialty):

Melissa Rock (Faculty): Google Maps, Hawksites, Audacity/Sound Booth/Zoom Recorder, Photoshop (basics), WeVideo, StoryMapJS, TimelineJS

Amanda Simmonds (Intern): 

Amy Mackin (Intern): Hawksites, Audacity/Sound Booth/Zoom Recorder, Adobe Premier, Photoshop (basics)

Andrea Guilbo (Intern):

Erin Johnson (Intern):

Hannah Phillips (Fellow): Hawksites, Omeka, Google Maps

Meagen Stone (Intern): Google Maps, ArcGIS, Hawksites, Audacity/Sound Booth/Zoom Recorder (basics), Photoshop