Digital Arts, Sciences, and Humanities (DASH) Lab:  Grand Opening Event
Digital Pedagogy Projects – A Show & Tell
Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 (11am-1:15pm)

Presentation Schedule

11:00 am:  Joshua Korenblat – The Tidyverse package and R Studio (M39)
11:15 am:  Tour DASH Lab (M36)
11:30 am:  Jessica Pabón – Twitter (M39)
11:45 am:  Tour DASH Lab (M36)
12:00 pm:  Kiersten Greene- Hawksites & Digital Text Production (M39)
12:15 pm:  Tour DASH Lab (M36)
12:30 pm:  Melissa Rock- Google Maps (M39)
12:45 pm:  Tour DASH Lab (M36)
1:00   pm:  Melissa Rock- Digital Video Essays (M39)


Smart Schools Bond Act: Brown Bag with Kiersten Greene
New York State Technology Integration in Practice

Wednesday, September 27th
12:30-1:45pm, @ Old Main 215

This brown-bag session unpacks the impact of the Smart Schools Bond Act, New York State’s most recent technology funding policy for K-12 school districts in practice. The policy provides for $2B in funds across the state for technology integration in teaching and learning. Come learn about what this means for us as a community of educators, and leave with tools for considering technology integration in your own practice.